Renting the Bio-Bus

The SNAG Bio-Bus is a 20-passenger shuttle bus powered by bio-diesel made from 100% recycled waste vegetable oil. The SNAG Bio-Bus is perfect for youth outings, field trips, transport to meetings, camping trips and retreats. In 2012, with help from Real Goods in Hopland, CA, we installed a Solar System and battery bank on the bus perfect for powering events!

Rental Fees:

$250 for 1-day (rental includes driver)

$200 per day for 3 or more days (rental includes driver)

(rental fee does not include Bio-Diesel fuel currently 4.99 per gallon)

*We are fully insured, and can also provide event insurance if needed for specific event, please inquire in advance.

for rental contact us:

About Bio-Diesel and Our Mobile Solar System: Bio-Diesel is an alternative fuel made from vegetable oil. Any diesel engine can run on bio-diesel without any mechanical alteration to the engine, it can be used alone or blended at any ratio with petro-diesel. The bio-fuel we use is made from 100% recycled waste vegetable oils, sourced locally. Our solar system's battery bank (10 golf cart batteries) has the capacity to hold 5,568 watt hours per cycle, and our two 240 watt panels could generate as much as 2,880 watt hours in 6 hours on a sunny day. 

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